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Complete Christmas Lighting Installation Services

The following are just some of the services we provide:

  • Design
  • Install
  • Remove
  • Lift Truck Service

Professional Christmas and Holiday lights installation service 
We install all types of Christmas and Holiday lights. 

Insures, Bucket truck service. 

Do not trust your Christmas lights installation to Neighbourhood kids with ladders or lawn care companies that offer this service as a an addition to their business. 

Most of them are not aware of the new "Working at heights" Legislation, which was implemented by the Government last year. 

This legislation applies to everyone working at heights of 10 feet or more. (Window cleaners, Roofers, Christmas Lights installers etc.)

Any “Incident” on your property is a potential claim against the home owner and their insurance provider.

Don’t be fooled by fancy Web Sites, Vehicle decorations or low prices, 

Proper Christmas lighting installation, requires a voltage requirement calculation as well as other factors to make a safe installation, 
Overloading plugs and breakers is just one of many common mistakes inexperienced installers make, even with LED lights. 

and not all types of Christmas lights that are sold in stores are actually fit for some installations for safety reasons. 

We provide insured qualified and safe Bucket Truck service. 

Please call for an estimate. 
We install Christmas lights and other decorations. 
Take down all the above 
Can offer a storage service 

Serving the GTA for over 10 years.

Yellow Truck with a crane